FREE FREE FREE! Now that I’ve got your attention, heres a little something something I KNOW you’ll enjoy! I have a duo I’ve been in for sometime now with long time friend/artist D.O. called The Art of Fresh. It’s a project that was unexpectedly birthed when we started collaborating on tracks back in 2000 (Long before Black Eyed Peas and all the uptempo hiphop/R&B you hear today btw) and just having fun. We were never thinking about “The Industry” or music trends when making this fun uptempo style of music. Our first single was a song called “Get Free”, followed by our second single “Out This World” from our first album “Back to the Earth“. We just recently finished our second album which is called “When the NIght Comes In” and we are happy to inform you that is available for free download! The cool thing about the creation of this album is each song was made in a different part of the world seeing I would bring my equipment with us when we were touring. I can clearly remember making the beat for “Where I Go” as we were driving through Radium Springs in Western Canada in the beautiful Rockies. I remember making the beat for “Alive” in a hotel room in London, England. And probably the most memorable of em all is recording vocals to “Baila” in a crazy beautiful hotel in Kyoto, Japan. (They had a nicely folded, crisply ironed set of PJ’s on your bed awaiting you as you entered, LOL! classy). So I hope you enjoy this album, please share it with anyone you think may like it too. Follow the group on twitter @artoffresh and Facebook


From First Album

From First Album

From Second Album


Here is the first single to The Slakdeliqs project. This song is one I wrote with my brother from another mother, Justin Nozuka. Amazingly talented individual. We shot the video over the summer which I directed with the D.O.P. assistance of the mad cool & talented ZacFacts. I hope you enjoy, and please download and share the song as well. Download Love Controls The Sun.

Last night we held a private listening party for The Slakadeliqs album “The Other Side of Tomorrow”. The Slakadeliqs is a alter ego/project I’ve been working on for the last 4 years. This album will be a free download :).

DOWNLOAD HERE Beat Tape 5.ive is here. Usually I would roll over beats from past beat tapes and add ones that were not bought. This time I’ve decided to make all new beats. These fun loving soulmatic joints are for your listening pleasure. If you get a jones in your bones and would like to purchase a high quality version of a beat for your project, email us . one love,

Big up to Siddiqui for the cover image! Check out more at

Earlier this year I was on a European tour and had the opportunity to spenD some quality time with my brother from another mother Häzel. We decided to make an instrumental album together and “THIS” is what we came up with! I hope you enjoy it.

Here it is, the video for the cure! I put a lot of heart, thought and time into doing this video. It’s the 4th video I’ve directed and edited. I really hope people will watch it and catch the details. And most important I hope they feel something.
I am going to post a video commentary version soon too.


Here is my new Single taken from my new album Something Forever (Special Edition)

Click HERE to Download this joint.

Click HERE to Download DJ/Radio Bundle (Instrumental, Acapella & Radio Mix)

I also directed the video for this tune and it should be dropping very soon!

I hope you enjoy this!

– Slaks

From the moment I landed in France, everything felt right. I met with my brother Hazel (for the first time ever) and with in hours we were making beats. Its quite a trip to make music with your favorite producers! Once we had the second beat going, we decided that we would have to release these asap as an EP. Saturday came quick and it was time to rehearse with the band (for the first time). They were great and the BG’s singers.. wow.. ON POINT and for my style of music, the BG’s are SOOOOOO important.. I got to say…Paris gots it going on! I had a blast doing the show and hanging with the true music lovers. The very next morning I was off to the train station for the 5 hour train ride to cannes for MIDEM. There I would meet my partner in rhyme D.O. Together we are the Art of Fresh and we had 2 shows to rock. Cannes should be renamed Canne$ . All in all, a great way to start 2011, Something Forever [Special Edition] is just around the corner!!! Pre-order NNNNNOOOOOWW 🙂

Jan 22 201 at Bizz’art – Paris France, Slakah the Beatchild will be celebrating the release of his “Something Forever – Special Edition” CD. There will be good music and good times!!! “I am really excited to come to France as it will be my first time. Another cool thing is most of my fans are in France! I can’t wait to perform in front of my peeps who truly love that soul!” For more info on the show click here!

Here it is! The new official Slakah the Beatchild logo. I designed it and there is some significant meaning to it.
There are three vinyl records which are intertwined similar to the infinity sign. This symbolizes musical infinity or more specifically timeless music. I chose vinyl because it is the only musical medium that has out lived all others and will continue to do so. The colours are based on a colour schemes from the 70’s which in my opinion was the most influential era for me.

We are also printing T-shirts and Hoodies with the design!