This months we’ve been finalizing the production of “Something Forever [Special Edition]” CD. We’ve added 4 new songs, so it is no longer an EP. The following are the new songs: This Beautiful Feeling ft. Ebrahim, The Cure, D.A.N.C.E., War Within ft. Ebrahim & Tingsek. BBE will be putting it out late Jan or early in Feb 2011. We are currently in the process of getting some videos for the EP done. We are very excited to bring you some new fresh goodness for 2011!!!


I’m so blessed to have met Maya & Nadia (and Jared too). These lovely, amazingly talented film makers/artists produced my new documentary style EPK. They did an amazing job and I hope this will give you a little insight into our little movement.

Support unadulterated music, our music is in stores and on iTunes

Been working… Come out soon

– Doing a tour with Tingsek + Ebrahim in May
Detorit, Sarnia, Toronto, Montreal

– Enjoy ya Self V2 Video out in about a week.
– B-Boy Beef Video
– New Group Called the Slakadeliqs album coming out later this year.

It’s funny watching rap videos “now a daze” and the persona of some of these characters. What’s also interesting is the influence it has on their fans and followers. We naturally reflect what we take in. With the abundance of material things available and the continual desensitization of vanity in the sake of entertainment + profit, some (most) are blind to the fact of their significance in the bigger picture. If one was to take a second out of the day and look in from a birds eye view on their life, zoom out a little… They’ll see that the earth is very small,very very extremely small… Zoom out some more and you’ll see our galaxy is small….zoom out some more..well you get the point.. If that’s not humbling, what is…

A productive production work day.

Sometimes i don’t feel like typing…

Do You feel strongly about promoting and preserving good music?
Are you frequently out at festivals, concerts, open mics?
Are you the dude or lady who knows all the hot record stores in your city?
Do you kick it with the manager from that sick clothing boutique down town?
Are you creative, innovative & like taking risks?
Do you like Slakah the Beatchilds music?

If so, then shoot! Email us, we got something for you.

Email us your name, location (if you are in port hurron, don’t say you’re in Detroit, gives us the exact city you live in please) and briefly tell us how you would like to help and why you wanna be part of the Soul Movement Family!

When ever I meet a genuine slakah the beatchild fan, they never fail to impress me with just how …cool they are! And i’m not just saying that. I’m so happy & relieved my music attracts intelligent, down to earth cool people!! I’ve been bumping into “genuine” fans more frequently and so far every one i’ve met seem to be unique souls with great style man… When we talk they just “get it”. Keep keepin on!!!!

Just bought Dillanthology 2… go get it yall!

Peace love & Lamas,

Slakah the Beatchild,

Some of you may not know this, but when i’m not doing Slakah the Beatchild projects, I have a group called Art of Fresh chances are that if you like my stuff you will enjoy The Art of Fresh…well, at least i hope you will 🙂

Just recently we shot a video for our current AoF single entitled Campfire Music. Like “Enjoy ya Self” I shot and directed this one too. Here are some stills from the day, shot by my super talented photographer friend Anna Keenan (

It was a crazy day, two actors didn’t show up and we were running late, it started to rain, but in the end it all came together and the footage looks amazing. Sometimes it is really hard being the Director of your own video – being behind the camera when you should be in front…but it is all so much fun.

Here are some more art of fresh videos. (Can’t embed this one) but i directed this cartoon one.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Peace, love & soul

– Slaks

So my good buddy Ebrahim ( if u like my music, you’ll enjoy his stuff even more) told me i need to get my blogging game up to par. So i will now be frequently updating my blog often! Hope I don’t bore yall!! 🙂

peace love and soul!

– Slakah the Beatchild