From the moment I landed in France, everything felt right. I met with my brother Hazel (for the first time ever) and with in hours we were making beats. Its quite a trip to make music with your favorite producers! Once we had the second beat going, we decided that we would have to release these asap as an EP. Saturday came quick and it was time to rehearse with the band (for the first time). They were great and the BG’s singers.. wow.. ON POINT and for my style of music, the BG’s are SOOOOOO important.. I got to say…Paris gots it going on! I had a blast doing the show and hanging with the true music lovers. The very next morning I was off to the train station for the 5 hour train ride to cannes for MIDEM. There I would meet my partner in rhyme D.O. Together we are the Art of Fresh and we had 2 shows to rock. Cannes should be renamed Canne$ . All in all, a great way to start 2011, Something Forever [Special Edition] is just around the corner!!! Pre-order NNNNNOOOOOWW 🙂